• 1947

    Born in Shimla where the family fled to at the time of Partition

  • 1948-53

    Family moves first to Delhi, then to Rampur, and to Modinagar

  • 1956-62

    Mayo College, Ajmer

  • 1962-65

    St Stephens, Delhi
    Studies BA Hons. (Economics)

  • 1966-68

    IIM Ahmedabad

  • 1969-79

    The Bombay Years
    Works at Citibank, with a posting at Manila
    Then, at Lintas until departure for the US

  • 1972

    First exhibition, at a group show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay

  • 1973-79

    Four one-person shows in Bombay

  • 1980-90

    Moves to the US, begins work in Digital Equipment Corporation

  • 1982-84

    In Sri Lanka as World Bank consultant
    Immersion in meditation and mindfulness practices

  • 1989

    Movement into sculpture

  • 1990

    Quits management career to work as a fulltime artist

  • 1990-99

    Seven one-person shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Paris

  • 2000-19

    Returns to India, seven shows in Delhi and Mumbai

  • 2006

    Publishes Towards Ananda: Rethinking Indian Art and Aesthetics

  • 2009

    Mystics & Scientists Conference:
    ‘The Science of Well-Being and the Experience of Bliss’, Winchester and London

  • 2011

    Participates at the Edinburgh International Festival

  • 2012

    Exhibits ‘The Sangha’, a group of twelve life-size bronze figures
    Organizes an international seminar on ‘The End of Art and the Promise of Beauty’

  • 2013

    Mystics & Scientists Conference:
    ‘The Nature of Inspiration in Art, Science and Spirituality’, Warwick

  • 2017

    Publishes The Promise of Beauty and Why it Matters

  • 2019

    Last exhibition
    ‘Subverting Duchamp, Celebrating Beauty, Reconnecting with Mumbai’
    Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai