I enjoy the stimulation that comes from crystallizing ideas and giving talks and the conversations they usually engender. The intersections between art and spirituality, aesthetics and Buddhism, and beauty with art and everyday living have largely been the terrain I traverse in these engagements.

Over the years, I have worked to bring a greater focus to the arts in education, believing they are critical for human development. The use of hands in the making of art can play a significant role in brain development. Besides, art is another way of knowing – perception and cognition, and societies that are rich in the arts, expressive and utilitarian, will be better, more beautiful places for everyone. I was asked by UNESCO in 2005 to formulate the ‘Asian Vision of Arts in Education: Learning through the Arts’.

My teaching engagements have been varied. I have done a number of workshops with children of different ages based on traditional Indian art practices. I have worked with state agencies to shape their arts curricula, and have occasionally given talks to college students. When asked, I have also dipped into my management experience to help in the running of arts organisations.

Public Talks and Seminars

  • Mystics & Scientists Conference: The Nature of Inspiration in Art, Science and Spirituality
    Inspiration in Art: Unfolding, Connecting, Forming
    2013, University of Warwick, Warwick, England
  • Symposium on Biology and Beyond
    Art & Science
    2012, CCMB, Hyderabad
  • International Seminar on The End of Art and the Promise of Beauty
    The Hollowing of Art and the Call of Beauty
    2012, New Delhi
  • Edinburgh International Festival
    Heirlooms Panel
    2011, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Ramsay Garden Seminars
    View from India – Rebalancing Economic Policy as if Aesthetics Mattered
    2011, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Cortona India
    Beauty – A Fundamental Organizing System in a Relational World
    2010, Hyderabad
  • Glasgow Centre for Population Health
    Nested Relationships: Beauty, Aesthetics, Art and Happiness (BAAH!)
    2009, Glasgow, Scotland
  • The Attic Sacred Arts Festival
    Insight Forms: Creating a Contemporary Spiritual Art Language
    2009, New Delhi
  • Mystics & Scientists
    Beauty – A Master Key for Sustainable Relationships
    2009, London
  • Mystics & Scientists Conference: The Science of Well-Being and the Experience of Bliss
    Bliss and Beauty - An Indian Vision
    2009, University College, Winchester
  • Sharpham House
    Buddhist Aesthetics and Contemporary Dharma Art
    2008, Devon
  • INTACH Seminar
    Chairperson - Best Practices in Intangible Heritage Education
    2008, New Delhi
  • The Attic
    Buddhist Aesthetics and the Spiritual in Contemporary Art Practice
    2008, New Delhi
  • Jamia Millia Islamia
    Seminar on 'Visualizing the Sacred: Fine Arts and the World Religious Traditions'; Valedictory Address: The Spiritual in Art: A personal exploration
    2007, New Delhi
  • International Indology Conference
    Indian Aesthetics in Everyday Life
    2006, Goa
  • The National Museum Institute
    Seminar on Cult of the Goddess Past & Present in Indian Art - The Goddess Steps out of the Iconographic Frame
    2005, New Delhi
  • Korean Arts and Culture Education Service & Korean Association of Arts Education: International Arts Education Symposium
    Creative Partnership: Theory and Practice in the Field of Arts Education
    2005, Seoul
  • India International Centre
    Symposium on Learning through the Arts in Asia
    2005, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Advanced Studies
    Identity, Influences and Initiatives in Contemporary Asian Art and Aesthetics
    2004, Shimla
  • Natya Kala Conference
    Suggestion in Art
    2003, Chennai
  • Brown University
    Spirituality in Landscape
    1989, Providence, RI

Lectures and School Workshops

  • Navdanya-Bija
    Beauty and Ecology
    2010, Dehradun
  • Art from Indian Hands Workshops for Schools
    2000-2007, Rajghat Krishnamurti School, Varanasi; Akanksha, Mumbai; Woodstock School (with Harvard University Art in School Program), Mussoorie; Navdanya-Bija, Dehradun; Bluebells International School, New Delhi; Sriram Junior School, New Delhi; Sriram Senior School, Gurgaon; Mayo Girls, Ajmer; Pathways School, Dubai
  • Plymouth State University
    Multiculturism and the Arts
    2000, Plymouth, NH
  • Arts in Education Program, NH State Council on the Art
    Roster Artist
    1999-2001, Concord, NH
  • New Hampshire Allstate Art Festival
    Faculty Artist
    1999-2000, Currier Gallery, Manchester, NH
  • Arts in Education Conference, NH State Council on the Art
    1999, Concord, NH
  • Holderness School
    Faculty on ‘Artward Bound’ Program
    1998, Holderness, NH
  • New England College
    Buddhism 101
    1990, Henniker, NH
  • Rivier College
    Guest Lecturer
    1990-94, Nashua, NH


  • NCERT Committee of Arts Education Curriculum
    2006, New Delhi
  • The India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)
    2006, Bangalore
  • Art Camp
    2004, Mayo College, Ajmer
  • The Arts India Artists' Camp
    1997, Mumbai
  • New England Sculptors Association
    Juried Member
    1990-1991, Boston, MA
  • Integral Institute, Integral Art Branch
    Founding Member
    1990, Boulder, CO
  • New Hampshire Art Association
    1989-91, NH