I was drawn to sculpture in the 1980s when I was painting the Fallen Gods and Intimations of Transcendence series and felt that to fully express those ideas, I must go beyond two-dimensionality. With no formal training, other than the art classes at my school, Mayo College, Ajmer, where I had excelled in painting and sculpture, I went to the local junkyard in New Hampshire in the US, where I lived then, and picked up odds and ends of metal – brass radiator parts, discarded electrical copper wire, and copper sheeting.

With these, I began making my first sculptural series, Sunyatta. I also enrolled in pottery classes at the Manchester Institute of Art and started sculpting in clay. From this emerged a series of stoneware figures titled Silent Witnesses. This led to my working in bronze and I cast the Intimations of Transcendence series in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and in New York. I also did some stone carvings in Vermont.

On my return to India, I have worked in bronze for the Seekers and Sangha series. Recently, I became interested in wood carving when I found a piece of burnt wood during a walk in the Himalayas. For me, making things with my own hands is very important and I find myself doing more sculpture now, and also notice that my paintings are becoming more sculptural.

Selected Works

Only a few works from each series displayed here. For more, ask

  • Formed Resonance

    2016, Wood and metal
  • Sadhaka Heads

    2014, Bronze
  • The Sangha

    2012, Bronze
  • The Seekers

    2010, Bronze
  • Dancing Shiva

    2000, Bronze
  • Silent Witnesses

    1995, Stoneware
  • Intimations of Transcendence

    1992, Bronze
  • Sunyatta

    1989, Copper and papier mache