Years ago, I formed an artistic intention that my art must effectively integrate all four levels of experience — sensory, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, and that it should be an engagement that brings pleasure to the senses, generates positive feelings and thoughts, and deepens and uplifts the spirit. It turns out that this is very much the central purpose of classical Indian aesthetics and arts too.

My art has been considered spiritual though it has never been about religious subjects or objects and I maintain a respectful distance from all forms of traditional and new age spirituality. Sam Bercholz, founder of the iconic Buddhist publishing company, Shambhala Publications, once said that my work was the “best dharma art expressing the essence of Buddhist teachings… by any contemporary artist”, and the philosopher Ken Wilber wrote, “To integrate spirit and matter in an aesthetic presentation that opens the viewer to an integral moment is remarkable enough. But what is truly astonishing about Shakti’s work is the depth to which that intention is realised. Shakti is the finest integral artist now working in the fields of painting and sculpture.”

While I have studied Buddhist psychology and philosophy and engaged with contemplation and meditation, my impulse to make art has flowed freely and is not derived from or based on any theory, history, group or movement. I am wary of terms and movements that seem to have taken over the contemporary art world, like Conceptualism and ‘art for art’s sake’. My work is realistic – being about the tangible physical, what I can see with my eyes, and the tangible mental, my feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Selected Works

Only a few works from each series displayed here. For more, ask.

  • Subverting Duchamp, Celebrating Beauty
    2018, Acrylic on canvas
  • Mirror-Inner
    2010, Mixed media on wood
  • Beej
    2003, Painted scrolls and mixed media on paper
  • Pilgrims' Path
    2001, Acrylic and clay on canvas & paper
  • Transitional Self
    2000, Acrylic on canvas
  • Daan
    1999, Collograph prints
  • Bodhi
    1998, Monotypes and paintings
  • Insight/Absorption
    1997, Painted Byobus (Folding Screens)
  • Ganga as Grace
    1995, Etched, painted stone reliefs and stoneprints
  • Within
    1993, Etched, painted marble and stoneprints
  • Intimations of Transcendence
    1991, Mixed media on canvas & paper
  • Chikai Bardo
    1990, Mixed media on paper & canvas
  • Fallen Gods
    1989, Mixed media on canvas & paper
  • New Hampshire Drawings
    1988, Ink, Charcoal and paint on paper
  • American Landscapes
    1985, Mixed media on paper
  • Mountains Breathing, Whispering Mandalas
    1979, Oil on Canvas
  • Mountain Ways and Mist of Mind
    1978, Oil on Canvas
  • Waves of Sea, Waves of Mind
    1976, Oil on canvas
  • Monsoon Skies
    1974, Oil on canvas